40 Days of Dating — The Book

Dear friends, followers, and fans of 40 Days of Dating: Thank you again for reading our story! We are still amazed and humbled that so many of you were interested. After everything, the number one question we received from fans was: What happened after Day 40?
The 40 Days of Dating book is coming out on January 20th, and that question will finally be answered. While the book provides that answer, it covers so much more, through excerpts taken from the journals we kept during the year following the experiment revealing everything that happened between us; Q&A’s about our childhoods, and our lives before we met; a history of dating and a dating map; worst date stories and essays about love and relationships from our friends; tons of new artwork; and much much more. You’re sure to find the before and after story as fun and deep and interesting as the blog. You’ll also find we added an extra layer to the blog, in the margins, that contains our personal remarks on each other’s entries.

It has been an incredible trip as you will see, even the difficult, awkward, and weird parts. In many ways, 40 Days of Dating— the book—is nothing like you might expect: It’s honest, raw, funny, sad, but at the same time full of hope. While some dismissed the blog as a side-effect of the too-much-information generation, many more have been loyal followers of our journey—hating to love it, loving to hate it, or just simply loving it. You be the judge—and we hope you enjoy!

xo Jessie & Tim

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