Day Twenty   /   lettering by Kim Bost

Jessica Walsh

Did you see Timothy today?

What did y’all do together?
We met up at City Bakery in the morning for breakfast.

Did anything interesting happen?
I ordered a green juice and a latte, Tim ordered a muffin and a tea. We had small talk at a cute Parisian style cafe table.

Did you learn anything new about Timothy?
Tim loves to constantly talk. I, on the other hand, hate small talk. I am totally comfortable enjoying silence with the person I am dating, especially if there’s nothing interesting or relevant to talk about. I think my silence drives him nuts.

Did you learn anything new about yourself?
I am seriously in love with coffee. I drink three to five cups of coffee per day. I love the ritual, the taste, the boost of energy, the reason to take a break. I love it in all its forms: a shot of espresso, a cup of black iced coffee, a creamy latte. I’ll even eat coffee beans straight.


Tim does not drink coffee or espresso. It’s definitely trivial, but I wish we shared the mutual love!

How do you feel about this relationship/project right now?
I wonder if we’ll continue to be physical after we hooked up Saturday night.

Is there anything that you want to do differently?
It’s going to be a crazy week of work, and the headaches continue to come and go. No matter what happens, I want to stay calm, and stay positive.

Additional comments?
I adore giving and receiving handwritten notes. I’ve kept every note that’s ever been given to me in a leather suitcase. While texting and emails take over our lives, a handwritten note feels so much more special and romantic.


Toward the end of breakfast, Tim handed me a brown envelope. Inside was the sweetest little 20-day anniversary card. All smiles over here. It’s amazing how much the little things can be so huge in a relationship.


Day Twenty   /   lettering by Olimpia Zagnoli

Timothy Goodman

Did you see Jessica today?

What did y’all do together?
Breakfast at City Bakery. We met close to her work, because I’m trying to be accommodating like a good boyfriend.

Did anything interesting happen?
No, not really. She had coffee and a juice, and I had an English Breakfast tea. I quit coffee three years ago, since it wasn’t on good terms with my stomach. We had some small chit-chat about nothing really. It reminds me of a fun song that I like by this French singer, Soko. In it, she sings about having pointless chit-chat with a guy she likes, along with some other relevant things I’m concerned about.


Did you learn anything new about Jessica?
I think Jessie is kind of bad at flirting. When I like a girl, I like to banter on email/text/messenger during the day. Nothing major or time-consuming, just little things that give energy towards the relationship. It makes me even more excited about the relationship. I keep trying with her, but she’s just so not into it, and takes things so literally. I have to accept that it’s just not her thing.

Did you learn anything new about yourself?
I ask a lot of questions. Jessie is more on the quiet side, and I tend to talk more when someone is quiet. I’m sure this is annoying for her.

How do you feel about this relationship/project right now?
I feel good about it! Jessie happy = Tim happy

Is there anything that you want to do differently?
City Bakery was our second breakfast date recently. It’s a good way to quickly see each other, but it also feels like a cop-out. We should spice it up a bit!


Additional comments?
I get this impression that she thinks I’m avoiding talking about what happened on Saturday night. It’s a two-way street here. She hasn’t brought it up, either. I’m sure she’s writing about how I’m the one who’s avoiding this whole thing . . .